Thank you for visiting my website. I decided to create it to share my Lisp routines for Autocad. I hope you will find them useful and that they will let you save time while drafting in various autocad versions.
At the site of each program you will find its description, example of usage and download link to the .LSP file. Programs are free of charge. In those lisp routines, where I used code written by somebody else, as a assistant function to the full effect of the whole program - I gave an information about the source and the author to respect his work. If you have any questions, remarks or suggestion about the routines or this website please feel free to leave a comment.

Briefly - what are LISP routines:
LISP routines are the applications for Autocad written in LISP (List Processing) Programming Language. The most known LISP dialects are AutoLisp and Visual Lisp. Purpose of the routines is to automate various repeatable tasks to make work more efficient as well as to build complex extensions for autocad.

How to load:
To load Lisp into Autocad simply drag and drop it from Windows Explorer into autocad or load it using _APPLOAD command.To make autocad load it with opening each drawing add lisp to the Startup Suite located in "Load/Unload Application" window launched by _APPLOAD command. Add also the path to the trusted locations in Options -> System -> Security Options->Trusted Locations.

See also my Lisp manager.

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