This very useful function allows to filter selected objects by picking desired object types, layers, colors,  blocks, text content, linetypes, lineweights or linetypescales from a list in dialog window. Unlike standard standard QSELECT command  this function allows selecting multiple object types in one step. Filter can be done from (and applied to) the current selection or to entire drawing (if the user selects all fe. by CTRL+A).
To pick multiple types hold Ctrl button and leftclick on desired object types.
If the list is long the user can simplify the process of filtering objects by typing the phrazes that the itnems in the list contain. The program will append them to already selected items from thge list.
Note: When selecting ALL objects, normally selected are also turned off layers.


Filters selection by selected option: object types, layers, colors,  blocks, linetypes, lineweights or linetypescales, area, length and text content of TEXT, MTEXT and MULTILEADER objects.

 Available are also separate commands:

FILTERBYAREA    -    Filters selection by area (hatches, polylines, regions etc.). 
                                    Precision is related with the number of digits after coma defined
                                    in draiwng UNITS (LUPREC systemvariable).
FILTERBYBLOCK    -    Filters selection by choosen block names.
FILTERBYCOLOR    -    Filters selection by choosen colors.
FILTERBYLAYER    -    Filters selection by choosen layers.
FILTERBYLENGTH    -    Filters selection by length. (objects that heva a length property).
                                    Precision is related with the number of digits after coma defined
                                    in draiwng UNITS (LUPREC systemvariable).
                                    Supported object types of autocad and autocads verticals:
                                    line, spline, lwpolyline, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse,
                                    aecb_ductflex, aecb_pipefitting, aecb_pipe, aecb_duct, aecb_ductfitting,
                                    aecb_pipecustomfitting, aecb_ductcustomfitting,
                                    aec_wall, aecb_conduitfitting, aecb_cabletray, aecb_conduit,
                                    aecb_cabletrayfitting, aecb_wire, aecb_schematic,
                                    aecb_schematicsymbol, aecb_schematic_pipe, aecb_schematicpipefitting
FILTERBYLINETYPE    -    Filters selection by choosen linetypes
FILTERBYLINETYPESCALE    -    Filters selection by choosen Linetype scales
FILTERBYLINEWIEGHT    -    Filters selection by choosen Lineweights
FILTERBYOBJECTTYPE    -    Filters selection by choosen object types
FILTERBYTEXTCONTENT    -    Filters TEXT, MTEXT and MULTILEADER objects by content.
                                    More advanced text seeking program you can find >here<.


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Version history:
1.00 - 14.03.2017 - first release
[...] - misc updates
9.07 - 03.05.2019 - added dcl file removal, POLYLINE separated into 3dpolyline and 2dpolyline
9.08 - 23.03.2020 - fixed highlightning of selected objects. Setting list tile in dialogbox active.
10.05 - 28.03.2020 - added FILTERBYCOLOR command, dialogbox width corrected to be dependent of longest name length, fixed dealing with phantom objects

11.00 - 11.11.2021 - added errortrapper, added FILTERBYBLOCK, FILTERBYLINEWIEGHT, FILTERBYLINETYPESCALE, FILTERBYLINETYPE command, added displaying number of items in the list
12.00 - 22.05.2022 - fixed bug by quitting when nothing in the list was selected, added FILTERBYTEXTCONTENT command , added field to enter filter parameter phrase by hand
13.00 - 16.08.2022 - fixed error with highlightning objects on locked layers, "select none"/ "select all" buttons added. layer options added, added FILTERBYAREA, FILTERBYLENGTH commands,

File format:

-All Autocad
versions. Platform Windows

-The application comes with the long command names listed above. To create your own short aliases for these commands, go to ACAD.PGP file or Menu Manage->Customization->Edit aliases->Edit Aliases.
Command aliases used in video-example: FB for FILTERBY.

-Demo version is limited to 3 runs and valid for one day. Platform: Windows.

Sample DWG: 

Price 6 USD

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  1. Hello Andrzej Kalinowski, i've bought your lisp "FILTERSELECTION_v11_00". Your lisp very helpful, it helped me a lot. So, i have a little suggestion, could you please update the filerselection for the values of text, mtext and attribute block ? Thanks a lot for your works !!