This program allows to easily select layout from a dialog window to make it current.
Function is handy when there is a lot of layouts in the drawing and where their names are to long to be fully displayed in the bottom panel of Autocad what makes managing them inconvenient. In the dialog window of that program the user can quickly select desired layout (also using keyboard arrows).

Example (click image to enlarge):

Version history:
v1.00 - 21.04.2023 - first release

File format:

-All Autocad
versions. Platform Windows

-The application comes with the long command names listed above. To create your own short aliases for these commands, go to ACAD.PGP file or Menu Manage->Customization->Edit aliases->Edit Aliases. 

-Demo version is limited to 3 runs per session and valid for one day. Platform: Windows.

Price 1 USD

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