This function annotates multiple ventilation rectangular Autocad MEP ducts and ductfittings with their dimmensions. Annoattions are TEXT boject in two lines (Width / Height) which can not be done by _LABELCURVEADD command (only 1 line). The annotation isn't connected to the duct.


This function annotates single duct (dimmensions)


This function annotates single pipe.


Opens dialog window where the user can set names of layers, height and style of text that is going to be used in this program. Settings will be remembered by the program.

Note: Standard Label Curve Style in Style Manager should be set as shown below:

Example (with short command aliases):

Version history:
1.0 - 12.05.2016 - first release
[...] - misc updates
20 - 11.05.2019 - adjustring to work with German and French AMEP; added ANNSETTINGS command
21 - 12.04.2020 - correcting Dialog box of ANNSETTINGS command, fixed bug wth text height that stayed the same after changing it in ANNSETTINGS
22 - 25.06.2020 - optimalization of code for better performance
23 - 28.07.2020 - fixed bug with unknown GET_AECBOSMODE command

24 - 23.07.2022 - updated GET_AECBOSMODE definition, fixed bug with 3D SNAPS, fied bug with doubled annotations at connections of ducts/fittings

File format:

Autocad MEP 2012 [English or French or German] + later versions, Platform Windows

The application comes with the long command names listed above. To create your own short aliases for these commands, go to ACAD.PGP file or Menu Manage->Customization->Edit aliases->Edit Aliases. Command aliases used in video-example: ANDS for ANNOTATEDUCTS, AND for ANNOTATEDUCT, DN for DIAMETERNOMINAL.

-Demo version is limited to 3 runs and valid for one day and doesnt have DIAMETERNOMINAL command. Platform: Windows.


Sample DWG: 
Price 5 USD

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